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In an article published in The Whole Truth magazine entitled, “The Ministry of Administration,” not only was the article thought-provoking, but also, it was so true.  On a consistent basis, God’s business must operate at a level of excellence that surpasses any corporate business.


The administrator’s hands, eyes and ears must always be actively helping, listening and observing the business of the King.  Also, the role of an administrator is relational at all levels of the “work.”  Consequently, an administrator has to possess insight (wisdom), to know what to do and when to do it.  Loving people as much as loving “the work” is paramount to an administrator’s success.


The church administrator is a prayerful encourager who has earned the trust of leadership and members at all levels of the ministry.  To whom much is given, much is truly required.  Therefore, an administrator must humbly and tirelessly serve, never expecting to be rewarded for simply being obedient to the One who freely gives the grace to accomplish the task.

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